The Tivoli Light

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The Tivoli Light
The Tivoli Light
The Tivoli Light
The Tivoli Light
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Like a flame amongst a cloud of smoke, the Tivoli chandelier is characterised by its grey glass orbs and fiery glow. Ideal for those who are searching for stunning mood lighting solutions in a contemporary style, the Tivoli is a classic example of restraint in modern design. MR-TIVL-LMP-001-001 and MR-TIVL-LMP-001-002


  • Finish Polished Nickel
  • Shade Material: Glass
  • Shade Color: Smoke
  • Height: min 116cm - max 223cm
  • 1 Bulb - 40 Watts Pendant light (not included)
  • 5 Bulb - 40 Watts Chandelier(not included)
  • Weight: 4kg (Pendant) and 17kg (Chandelier)
  • 06 week lead time

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