We pride ourselves on maintaining the largest independent fabric library in the UK, as well as an extensive range of quality leathers for upholstering. Our fabrics are sourced directly from the UK’s top luxury textile houses who we work closely with throughout the year. 

Our Price Match Promise

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Our top quality, solid beech wood frames are guaranteed for 15 years for lasting assurance. All of the framing materials used by the Sofa and Chair Company are sustainably sourced from European forests and have minimal environmental impact.  

We use high quality stains to achieve our standard colours or match one of your samples. However, wood is a natural product and slight colour variations may occur between samples and the finished product. This sample indicates the main colour tone of the final finish.


We maintain an extensive selection of quality studs to provide the finishing touches to both collection and bespoke pieces. All studs are sourced from the finest upholstery suppliers and are available in various colours and sizes for precise matching with your specific designs.  

Sample Requests

Housing the largest fabric library in the UK means our customers are never short on choice and all furniture can be fully customised. If you are unsure which fabrics, leathers or finishes are best suited to your piece; simply order up to 5 samples below and we will send them out to you free of charge. 

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