The Soay Light

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The Soay Light
The Soay Light
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With a metal band surrounded by an offset ring, Soay is a minimalistic design that makes a big impact. Hook-and-rod arms nod to vintage elements while the streamlined design and unique inward-facing bulbs keep it contemporary. Choose between tubular bulbs facing in or up as well as a single finish or mixed metals in AOB depending on the effect you desire. In the pendant versions, the bulb sockets are on spherical swivel mounts along the inside of the black band. Each one has a 90-degree field of movement. You can position bulbs facing inward horizontally or upward vertically—your choice. MR-SOAY-LMP-001-001


  • Finish Aged Brass
  • Shade Material: Glass
  • Shade Color: Opal
  • Diameter: 82cm
  • Height: min 87cm - max 224cm
  • 9 Bulb - 6 Watts (not included)
  • ADA Complaint
  • Weight: 12kg.
  • 06 week lead time
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