Cushion Care

The Sofa and Chair Company

All cushions require regular and ongoing maintenance. The easiest methods are to regularly ‘plump’ and change cushions from one side of the piece to the other, or simply flip them over to distribute wear. Some fabrics may naturally ‘creep’ or ‘slide’ over time and with use. Flipping will minimise this, however sometimes it is necessary to unzip the cushion and pull or rub the fabric back into place. 

Feather and Down 

Feather-filled cushions, especially when used as base cushions, require regular ‘plumping’ and flipping. If this is not done their appearance and comfort level may deteriorate.

Foam-Wrapped Feather

Feather-filled ‘wraps’ or ‘feathered layers’ have inserts filled with feather wrapped around a foam core. This is one of the best quality cushion filings in the industry and requires minimal maintenance.

Foam-Wrapped Fibre  

These cushions are manufactured using only the best reflex foams with a light fibre wrap applied to further improve comfort and appearance. This cushion provides a more tailored look and requires the least amount of maintenance, although cushions still require plumping and turning to even out wear and prolong their durability.


Regular flipping and rearrangement of fibre cushions is essential. Polyfibre inserts in particular should be plumped up daily and their position interchanged to maintain their appearance and allow the fillings a chance to recover.

Spills & Stains 

We recommend that you take advantage of our Guardsman™ stain treatment to protect your furniture fabric and leather. Our recommended stain guard will help to protect the fabrics used on your products and help retain their original appearance for longer. We cannot take any responsibility for stain protection products that are not applied by us.